Finding Home_Blog_#7

Posted by Amber Jensen on May 1, 2021

Finding Home_Blog_#7

Let me start by saying, building a home during a pandemic is not for the weak! I have been pretty upbeat throughout this last year and have rolled with the punches, but I am pretty much  over it at this point! I don’t know how much more my heart can take if I hear backordered or out of stock again. I am currently on flooring pick #7. It's no joke about the lack of product out there!


I hate to compare building to pregnancy but here we are 9+ months into our build and not so patiently waiting to be done! It is such a long wait and when you are so close it still seems so far away! 


I feel like a lot has happened since my last blog post, we have made some big progress and that has been fun to see! We have exterior paint, which I am so in looooove with!  I agonized over white or dark for way to long as I do with most my decisions, but my gut was telling me to go for it!  I did have to let go of my white farmhouse dream, but I am so glad we went dark!! I’ll let you know how it holds up over time, which was a concern, but it just looks sooo pretty!


We have walls, texture, painted the interior and window trim! If I never have to look at a white paint sample again, I would be okay! This has been my favorite part on the interior so far, watching it transform and getting a feel of all the spaces makes it seem like a home now! When building you go through so many what ifs and question yourself constantly! Spaces change from big too small to big. It’s hard to visualize how a space will look before and to get an accurate measurement of furniture, cabinets, etc. I always have a tape measure on me, I did before for clients as well though ;) We also realized some things we would change if we thought of it before hand, oops! That’s the thing about building a custom home is that it has not been done before so it’s a total learning experience!


We have cabinets now, we had to rearrange the uppers so those are not installed but the lower ones are in, and I am anxiously waiting until I can get those filled and organized! Our last house had zero storage so I may have overcorrected in this house, is there really such thing as too much storage? Oh, and lights! We have lights! Seeing all these things just make me so happy. 


Gutters, drainage systems and final grade were recently done and it has made such a huge difference! I think our yard grew, removing the logs sitting in front of the house may have helped ;) We will have to do some soil amendments and have our drainage inspected next, hoping that all goes well. Now to figure out the yard?!  


My husband has been working hard to get everything he can done to keep this build moving and get us into our home! I’m so grateful for him! We were on a good role until these last two weeks brought a lot of heartache and disappointment. Our garage doors and flooring that we have been waiting months for were supposed to be delivered but instead are delayed not weeks but months and there is still no guarantee if we will get anything then.


I feel like I should be super excited at this point since it is supposed to be coming together and all our planning and dreaming is coming to life but instead, I am feeling defeated and exhausted with how many times I have had to change my vision, regroup and scramble to try and find something available that I don’t love but we have to have to finish our home. I know, first world and building problems…


I won’t go on since I am extremely grateful that we do have everything that is important to us. This has been a huge learning experience and not just in building, but I have learned a lot about myself. I have to say I’m looking forward to cashing all those miles in for a much needed vacay! (Tip: get a good rewards credit card and put everything you can on there then pay yourself back monthly) Trust me you’ll need it!


Once we figure out our flooring debacle, I hope to share some design ideas! I’m working on a prebuilding check list when looking at property and hope to have more progress. Fingers crossed! If you ever have questions about the process, I’m here to chat.



This is our personal experience of building and I hope to share some helpful tips of things we learned along the way. Everyone’s story is different, this is ours!