Finding Home Part 2 -Turning Dirt Into Dreams

Posted by Amber Jensen on August 3, 2020

Finding Home Part 2 -Turning Dirt Into Dreams


 Turning dirt into dreams


We left my favorite area, Point Fosdick and temporarily moved to Fox Island. We always liked Fox Island and thought it would be a good test to see if we could live further out, although my heart was still at Pt. Fosdick. The majority of our friends live on the island, and we can’t take a walk without passing someone we know.  Although, we fell in love with being out here, every time I drive through the roundabout by Andersen’s I feel sick to my stomach and that I should be going towards our old home. It’s been a year now and I still haven’t gotten over it, not sure if I will at this point.


The land though, it seemed perfect! One flat acre only minutes from the Fox Island Bridge! Of course, nothing is perfect… The property, according to the first buyers, didn’t perk.  What does that mean? It’s basically soil test to see if your dirt is worthy of a septic system. First step, when buying vacant land is to have the soil tested.  Considering you need a septic system to build a house, we needed a 2nd opinion. Luckily for us our “roommate” knows a septic “guy” and he was able to come out right away. He didn’t think it was lost cause but had concern. What do we do to figure this out?


A high winter water table review, what is that? Honestly, I still don’t really know but I do know that after we had it set up the county told us it can take about a year to get results… A year?! I don’t think so! I wasn't about to wait a year! What other options do we have at this point? We had already been envisioning our home, I didn’t want to give up, but we needed to know. We obviously don’t want to buy land that is not buildable, but we also don’t want to wait a year to find out either... Our septic designer suggested we set up a meeting with the county inspector for  a consultation, which I highly recommend since you get your results right away! I’m not a patient person so waiting, kills me! I’m slowly learning to adapt but ugh, it’s not easy!   


The inspector said it was compacted soil with some clay (Fox Island soil consists of a lot of clay) but was good enough for a septic.  Woohoo! We can move forward with building! Our dream was becoming a reality and I could FINALLY get excited about it!! Of course, I had already planned every detail in my head. Now the fun part of making that dream become come to life!


This is our personal experience of building and we hope to share some helpful tips of things we learned along the way. Everyone’s story is different, this is ours!